Nan Trap Bingo!

Nan Trap Bingo!
September 24, 2018 admin
Nan traps bingo card


See how friendly your house is to grow old in and for your guests to visit – or are you setting nan traps!?

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Today I came across Millennial Apartment Bingo at – a playful guide to see if your flat has all the trends that identify you as a Millennial – from a splash of millennial pink to a brass accent or a mattress in a box. I am definitely guilty of quite a few. Especially the fact that I have turned into a plant lady. So. Many. Plants.

After getting my Millennial Bingo fix, I was inspired to create my own version on my favourite subject – homes that adapt with us over a lifetime – to help identify whether our homes are accessible, especially as we get older, and accommodate our different and changing needs throughout our lives.

Thing was, it was so hard to find images of beautiful accessible features – lovely zero thresholds, wet rooms, raised appliances – to inspire you all. So based on my recent blog, ‘Could my gran use it?’ I flipped it on its head and used the game to identify the features that aren’t so good instead – what I am now calling nan traps!

It’s not meant to be a negative or scary thing (come on now, it’s bingo!) – just a playful way to get people thinking and talking about some of the things we do to our homes that have the potential to make them a somewhat awkward or stressful place to be as you get older, and are perhaps even making your home hard for people to visit you in already.

And don’t worry if you have a house full of nan traps already (!) – you are among (a lot of) friends – a whopping 93% of UK homes don’t have even basic accessibility features. And feel free to surround yourself with whatever makes you happy and works for you. But perhaps now you know what might not make the friendliest home for you, your family and your guests down the line, you could try to stop setting more nan traps as and when you upgrade from now on!

Happily, there is a load you can do yourself. Just check out for more information and inspiration. Things can be updated bit-by-bit very affordably over time as part of your routine home improvements throughout your life. Or contact your local Housing Improvement Agency for some professional help. You may even qualify for a grant to help you if you are already struggling in your home.

The fun thing is that by making little improvements to the accessibility of your home, you will be making your home a little bit nicer for almost everyone along the way – no matter age or ability. Think buggies, rusty knees and pesky injuries. And lots of it looks AMAZING. You will just have a more pleasingly efficient and well laid-out home. What’s not to like?

So enjoy playing Nan Trap Bingo! And let me know what you think – I would love to hear your thoughts (and your scores!)

nan traps bingo card


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