My new glasses

My new glasses
September 1, 2018 admin
Selfie of Laura wearing new glasses


A (clearer) look at my brand-new glasses and pondering if once-derided specs can become mainstream objects of desire, is there hope for the lowly toilet raiser??

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Today, aged 33 and 3 months, I got my first pair of glasses. I had never felt like my eyesight was failing, but over the last few months I had started to notice I was squinting a bit for certain tasks and getting tired, particularly when I was using a computer (perhaps I shouldn’t write so many blogs…). Then recently I was in the car with my husband and it became very clear that I couldn’t see anywhere near as far as he could. Time for an eye test, I thought.

Unsurprisingly, it turned out I could use a pair of specs. In fact, I was pretty amazed by how much of a difference using lenses made, particularly when I didn’t really feel my eyesight was that bad.

It took me ages to choose a frame that I liked though. I have a notoriously narrow face (to house my narrow mind my brother likes to joke), and every pair of glasses I tried on I thought just made me look like my mum (no offence mum, but that’s not the look I was going for).

After looking in all the high street chains, I finally got my glasses online from GlassesDirect. I promise I am not being paid by these guys to write this, but I was incredibly impressed by their service. It was super easy. I could filter by their smallest frames and could upload a video of my face to see what they would look like on me from all angles. I even requested a home trial to try a few pairs on in the privacy of my own home, rather than slightly embarrassingly in front of everyone in a shop.

In the end, I decided that as every pair of glasses looked enormous on my face, I might as well roll with it and go for just about the biggest pair of statement glasses I could find. I’ve always thought a bit of facial furniture might be quite fun too. Not everyone’s taste I am sure – they are a bit Deirdre Barlow (specifically from the Rashid era, for any Coronation Street fans out there), but Deidre Barlow was hot and I like them. And that’s what’s amazing about glasses now – there is so much choice and something for everyone.

Deirdre behind bars

Deirdre, my style icon…

Glasses are often used as the example to show how ostensibly medical products can actually become highly desirable mainstream products; even people who don’t need them sometimes wear them now. From the NHS specs of the 1940s, there are now thousands of variations of frames to suit every taste and multiple opticians on every high street. No one bats an eyelid when people say they need glasses, getting them takes minutes and it can be very affordable. All in, it cost me £60 to get my brand-new pair of glasses. A bargain, I thought.

Selfie of Laura wearing new glasses

A little bit of me wearing my new specs, a lot of my wall…

It is my biggest hope that this will one day be the case for many of the other often-considered less-than-glamorous medical products we all need in our lives as we get older – grab rails, toilet raisers etc. of which there is currently hardly any choice, designs are super unsexy, cost a bomb and which we hide in specialist or uninspiring shops.

Happily there are glimmers of progress already, and if glasses can do it, I have a lot of hope. Until then, I am loving my new look (and my improved eyesight!).

Get I touch if you have any comments or let me know what you think of my glasses! Thanks for reading 😊

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