Love your bathroom and it will love you back

Love your bathroom and it will love you back
March 14, 2017 admin
Two rubber ducks in a bubble bath


Things that look great in your bathroom now and your future self will thank you for.

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Sadly we can’t all have a the complete bathroom refit of our dreams (mine involves a steam room and a masseuse), but never fear, there are lots of subtle tweaks and choices we can make that look great now and that our future selves will thank us for. As you come to update and replace your bathroom fixtures, fittings and decor, here are a few ideas to think about. 

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If your home and budget allows, you can do away with raised shower trays entirely and add a walk-in shower. Gently sloped floor and folding shower doors will keep the rest of the bathroom dry. No treacherous stepping up, over, in or out here. Doors can be opened up when not in use to give more space in smaller bathrooms too. do a lovely line in this sort of thing.

You can lay anti-slip tiles even if you don’t have a walk-in shower. These now come in every shape, size and colour imaginable to suit every taste and layout. They help to keep you upright and also do away with the need for bath mats that can be a trip hazard (and germ heaven). Topps Tiles do loads.

If you love a bath, then these walk in bath/showers by Teuco and Artweger cleverly get rid of the need to step over the side of the bath with a simple and attractive full length door and look very similar to an everyday bath. UK stockists of such good-looking ones seem few and far between, but hopefully this is changing.

Combi bath shower with full length door fro 2 angles

The cheaper option is to get a bath step of course, but not as safe or as cool. This one is a rather lovely solid cork one though by Scotts of Stow.

A person stepping into a bath using a cork bath step

This toilet roll holder by Moen doubles up as a hand rail for lowering and raising yourself onto the toilet. Great for kids and older folks alike. We think this is rather smart and love that to the outside eye it just looks like a bog(!) standard toilet roll holder. It also does away with the twiddly fittings to change your loo roll, making it extra rude to leave an empty roll hanging for the next poor soul! Find out more about this toilet paper grab rail in our shop.

Hand reaching for chrome combi toilet paper grab rail

You can cleverly incorporate grab rails all over the place in fact! These ones by Moen again double up as shelves for your shower and bath products.

Or a special shower riser rail that can bear weight too. Motionspot for these again.

Shower raiser rail and grab rail in a bathroom

Toilets can come a little higher than average to ease getting up and down if you need. Alternatively, if you’re feeling really fancy you could get a wall-hung one fitted at exactly the right height (these are great for cleaning too). Just think about everyone who will use it in your household if you change the height to make sure it’s safe and comfortable for all, especially if you’ve only got one loo.

A slightly higher than average toilet

The bathroom is meant to be a place of relaxation so why not give yourself a break and more options for sitting down generally. Add this simple bath stool that can be used elsewhere in your house as well, or attach a permanent fold-away one to wall for more space.

Wall hung basins with built-in hand grips offer support but can also be used to hang hand towels. You can also sit right up close with your legs under it while cleaning your teeth.

Wall hung basin with built in towel rail at front

Finally, give yourself extra leverage with easy to turn mixer taps that require much less grip than standard taps and much easier on the wrists. Don’t forget your door handles too!

Chrome lever mixer basin tap with white ceramic handles


Complete with scented candle or toy boat then sit back and relax! will help you fit the bathroom of your dreams and really know what they are talking about when it comes to accessible design. It is always good to get a bit of advice of where to place grab rails etc. for best effect.

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