January product testing cafe

January product testing cafe
January 31, 2017 admin

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Product testing in Kent, my morning as a UX designer, and the value of user testing websites

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A big thank you to the wonderful TalkTime ladies in Kent today for hosting a Pretty, Good product testing cafe. It was a thoroughly lovely morning playing with products, drinking coffee and croissants and chatting about inclusive design. As well as testing a selection of Pretty, Good products, these brilliant ladies also helped to test our new website. I found it utterly fascinating watching how different people interact with websites and how it is so important to get people’s feedback at all stages. Without their brilliant help, I suspect I might have been at risk of going off in completely the wrong direction and making a site that worked for no-one but little old me. It is so easy to make assumptions about what people will find easy or struggle with, whereas testing it with real people quickly brings you back to reality. Some things I could never have even guessed at, but have made the experience of the site infinitely nicer for everyone.

I am no User Experience (UX) expert but I tried hard to follow their lead to get information that would unearth any problems with people’s experience of interacting with the site. I felt so mean not helping people and it is so hard not leading people with my questions, but this is the only way to see if something is intuitive or not. It was an eye-opening experience to do this myself and to practise what I preach, but hugely enjoyable. It’s not something I will forget anytime soon and a great reminder of the value of getting people’s feedback in every design process. I will definitely make sure I keep testing the site with different people as it evolves and if people ever have any comments about how we can improve it, I would love to hear.

“You don’t know when you’ll need a bit of extra help. It’s good to have things like this all in one place. Great idea – but we’ll all be so lazy!”

On the product side of things, I was hoping that our much anticipated Nimbles would have arrived for this session but sadly a delay with production meant we have to wait until March now. Lucky next group! We took a look at the videos and chatted about Nimble’s uses though and this lot couldn’t wait to get their hands on one! Literally in fact – they were fascinated by the concept that it cuts paper and plastic but not skin. I have to admit I’m not really sure how this works either. Roll on March to find out!

Other particular favourites at this session were the plug pulls – much sturdier than ones they had seen before. The remote control plugs to reduce the need to bend down. Also the Kangaroo Cup and OXO Good Grips POP containers. Look in our shop to see their thoughts on specific products we tested.

Thanks again!


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