Hard-wearing fabrics you actually want

Hard-wearing fabrics you actually want
November 5, 2017 admin
Armchair in bright floral patterned fabric in modern living room setting


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Let’s face it, life is messy. We put our homes through a lot, and who really has the time to stem the unending tide of dirt and clutter? I am not ashamed to say I hate cleaning and any help I can get, I take. Non-iron fabrics. Yes please. Stain resistant upholstery. Count me in. Anti-microbial fabrics. Love it. However, inspiring designs that are also stain resistant and hard wearing are few and far between.

We have the know-how though. Places that have to deal with greater wear and tear than your average home have been doing it for years. Sailing companies, care homes, hospitals, hotels, schools. Cost is not ridiculous, so it must be the stigma which is preventing more choice of fabrics that offer functionality and style. There is a fear that by using these fabrics our homes will lose…well, their homeliness. It’s a fair point, because many of these fabrics are generally pretty uninspiring – classic plains or textured fabrics in hotels- to prevent rooms from dating too quickly or aimed at the older generation in the care sector.

Yet why not make our lives a little easier? So when you spill your curry on the carpet or red wine on the sofa, baby throws food at the curtains, or your pet gets a little too frisky it’s not a complete disaster.

So it was with great excitement that I came across Mood Interiors recently. Mood Interiors are breaking the rules, stepping out of the realms of generic designs and creating their own range of fun but classy fabrics that also stand up to the rigours of real life. Consisting of bold jungle themes, wild flowers, even doughnuts and flamingos, these are unashamedly modern and fun, but are also fire retardant, waterproof and extremely hard-wearing (commercial standard rub-tested). Yes please!

Take a look at these and let us know what you think in the comments below. Or share this blog with someone who you think would enjoy it. Thanks!

pop art patterned cushions

White sofa with blue pineapple print

jungle print curtainsLeopard print bedding in grey and yellow

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