Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed
July 31, 2017 admin
Bedroom including white bedside chest of 2 drawers with elevating top


Breakfast-in-bed friendly furniture that looks great and prevents crumbs in the sheets!

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If like me your dream day off includes your bed, copious amounts of food, a good read (or box set depending on how intellectual I am feeling) then this post is for you. For me breakfast is the best meal of the day and bed is one of the greatest places on earth, so combining the two is pretty much a religious experience!

Today I’m looking at furniture that facilitates the joy of breakfast-in-bed, looks totally gorgeous and helps get fewer crumbs in your sheets.

C-side tables

There is so much choice in c-side tables at the moment. They have always been a classic for sheer functionality in pretty much any room of the house – TV dinner, minibar, working from home, or just a place to rest your cuppa – but lately there seem to be some absolutely gorgeous ones around with elegant, sculptural profiles that can quickly update your pad without taking up valuable space. In the bedroom a c-side table can double up as your bedside table then, depending on the height of your bed, swing round over your bed when you want your breakfast – especially those with very low, flat bases that can slide under even the lowest beds. Here are a few of my favourites.

This one by West Elm with a softly rounded walnut top and minimal leg in a brushed antique brass finish.

C-side table with dark wood top and thin brass stand

Image credit:

This one by Dwell. Again in walnut and with very low base.

Walnut c-side table

Image credit:

For a splash of colour Room and Board do a beautifully simple c-side in a huge range of bright colours in powder-coated steel. So simple and open it feels light and airy and modern. They also have a selection of matching furniture.

Wheeled versions offer even greater ease for moving around. I love this clear perspex one by Crate and Barrel for its barely there appearance and ability to camouflage into any surroundings.

Overbed tables

Take the c-side table one step further and go the whole way across the bed. Really saddened that Ikea don’t seem to be doing Malm overbed table anymore but you can still pick up plenty on eBay or lots of people make their own versions. This table sits unobtrusively at the end of your bed when not in use, perhaps with a plant or two atop to accessorise, but can be wheeled to your pillow end when required for feasting. Or for working on your laptop from home (bed) or watching films. Lovely stuff.

Bed with narrow white overbed table

Image credit: Ikea

Lap trays

Don’t overlook good old fashioned lap trays as an option too. There are some really elegant ones around, such as this one by The White Company in white slatted wood that elevates your humble bowl of cornflakes to a 5* hotel room service experience. Fold-down legs and good size cut out handles mean it can also double up as a tray for other things.

Breakfast on a white wooden tray on a bed

Image credit: The White Company

I love this one by Habitat for its sheer simplicity but it lacks a high edge so there’s nothing stopping your breakfast making a break for it. These lap trays on legs are also great for picnics in the park, the beach or creating interest and height on a beautiful dinner party buffet table.

Curved walnut lap tray

Image credit:

If bed was not comfy enough already Blue Badge Company do a great range of cushioned lap trays for every taste. The thing that makes these special is their focus on the quality and design of the fabrics they choose to elevate everyday – sometimes dull – items into things that really make people smile. More than that though, when you buy something from the Blue Badge Company, you will also get the rosy glow of knowing you are investing in a company with brilliant social aims. Committed to employing those with limited work options, over 40% of the Blue Badge Co. team is either disabled or a primary care giver. You might remember Founder, Ellen, from BBC’s Dragon’s Den a few years back where she courageously turned down the Dragons’ investments in order to stay true to her team’s values to keep producing in the UK like this. You can read more about The Blue Badge Co. here.

Since starting with parking permit covers they have now extended their range to include walking sticks, wheat warmers, pill boxes, and dressing aids – all beautifully balancing style and function with a care and attention which shines through. You have probably seen Blue Badge Co. products cropping up across the high street and we wish them every continuing success as we love anyone promoting ease and elegance in our everyday things. We particularly love their William Morris collection for a touch of class and are a great idea for gifts.

Pop up bedside table

If you’re feeling flashy then why not have a secret pop up table in your bedside?! I simply love this product by Peter Carlson; it’s such a simple idea but why don’t all bedside tables do this?? Automatically lifting the entire top part of the bedside table up and over your lap while in bed. This is the future, people (especially as it looks slightly like the Starship Enterprise when engaged). Mind. Blown.

Bedroom including white bedside chest of 2 drawers with elevating top

Image credit:


And to finish it off our delicious smorgasbord of breakfast-in-bed friendly furniture, why not add a modern (and somewhat more glamorous) take on the Teasmaid with the Barisieur by Josh Renouf. Wake to the smell of fresh brewing coffee with this gorgeous coffee laboratory/clock. Josh’s research shows that slowly stimulating the senses helps the body to wake. Definitely something I need. And if that doesn’t work hopefully the alarm and a shot of fresh caffeine will do the trick…  Interestingly he also found that a nightly routine, including prepping your machine, calms us and promotes good sleep. I just love the innovation of the cute mini milk fridge. Just reached its fundraising target via Indiegogo so it’s about to go into production. Jump on the bandwagon now if you want to support this innovative young British designer and be the first to get a Barisieur and at a bargain price.

Now if someone could just bring me my breakfast in bed I’d like 2 poached eggs please :p

Get in touch to say what you think of these products, if you have any other ideas you’d like to share with people, or just want to share a great breakfast recipe 🙂 I’d love to hear from you.

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