A bend-free home

A bend-free home
January 17, 2018 admin
Collage of ideas to reduce bending


A few ways to reduce bending around your home 

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Let’s face it, bending down can be a pain in the back. So here are a few ideas to reduce the amount you have to do it around the home.


Get yourself some remote control plugs. These can bring ‘lost’ plug points previously inaccessible behind furniture or too low down back into action with the click of a button.

5 remote control plugs, 2 controllers and 2 batteries

For a bit more money you can also get smart plugs that you can control from your smartphone too. You don’t even need to be in your house for these ones if you want to make sure your lights are on when you get home or you forgot to turn your TV off!

a smart plugElectronic cables

Always fumbling for your phone or computer charger cable? Drive you mad when you drop it? There are a few tricks to keep these just where you want them. Either some well placed cable holders to get things right where you need them.

Cable tidies holding computer wires on a desk

Or try a weighted cable that will stay where you leave it.

A USB cable with a decorative knot near the connector

Or make your own!

Shoes and socks

If you have trouble with shoes and socks, Blue Badge Company do some cool products to help.

Or replace your shoes with some Hickies which turn any lace up shoe into a slip on. They are great for kids, quick changes and sporty types too and magically always seem to be the right tightness. They come in every colour under the sun too so you can get really creative.

a pack of blue elastic shoe laces


Get a shower seat installed to give you a bit more balance.

a teak flip down shower seatTeak wall mounted fold up shower seat in a bathroom

Or use a cool long handled loofah to reach from your head to your toes.

A light wood long handled bath brush


Pan drawers are a great way to make finding your cooking equipment easier, instead of rummaging around at the back of dark cupboards on your knees.

Kitchen cooker top with pan drawer slightly open in base units

Image credit: idealhome.co.uk

You could get really fancy and pop some helpful gadgets in your cupboards too, though these can be a bit pricey.

extending shelves coming out of a kitchen corner cabinet

Image credit: howdens.co.uk


Under worktop unit with raising shelf

Image credit: bhg.com

Or just cleverly add some more storage at the right height for you.

Crockery in full height kitchen cupboard with pull out light wood shelves

Image credit: heatherbullard.com


If you are ever lucky enough to have the opportunity to completely redesign your kitchen, think carefully about appliance height. Ovens, dishwashers and washing machines don’t have to be fitted underneath your worktops – with the help of a clever designer they can all be raised to a more convenient height for you and still look great. Just make sure you think about all users of the appliance before you do this.

Dishwasher installed in kitchen at waist height

Image credit: Homify


Lady taking washing out of a raised height washing machine

Image credit: wonen.nl

If this is not an option for you, there are these handy appliance pedestals.

Or perhaps one day we can have more innovation like this awesome Cuble washing machine by Panasonic, where the drum is tilted upwards to help you load and unload and controls are easy to see on the top rather than the front.

How about a laundry basket with legs while we’re on the weekly wash?

A laundry basket with foldable legs


The key to a bend-free home is organisation – making sure everything you need regularly is easily accessible at a good height for you. To help with this you can get creative with helpful gadgets like suction cup storage solution to place things within easy reach and use surfaces that are traditionally out of bounds – windows, mirrors, everywhere. Feca do a great selection and show the many weird and wonderful ways you can use suction cup storage all over your home, but you can also find them in Ikea, Amazon and all over the high street.

But what happens if you really want that book from the bottom shelf? Well, designer Lisa Sandall has come up with a great angled storage unit to help with just that. Chin Up‘s tilted shelves conveniently present the spines of books or other media to the user reducing the need to kneel or bend down to find what they need. Slightly strange to look at when at first – like it is slipping down the wall – but a really striking piece of furniture. It certainly gets you thinking why our furniture always have to be at right angles. Clever stuff.

Household chores

A long handled dustpan and brush is a classic tool to stop unnecessary crawling on the floor. This vintage style one by Willow and Stone looks good enough to stand proudly on view rather than hidden in a cupboard.

long handled dustpan and brush

What about little Tiddles and Fluffy? You can even get a No Bend Pet Bowl so your pets won’t suffer too if you’ve put your back out.

a double pet bowl with long handle

A letter catcher will stop you having to pick up all your love letters and presents (AKA bills and junk mail) from the doormat every day.

a cloth letter catcher held on with velcro covering a letter box

Thanks for reading! If you found it interesting please do share the article, and I would love to hear about any of your own hints and tips to make your home bend-free. Feel free to comment below or get in touch direct.

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