New ‘quick guides’ go live. Woohoo!

New ‘quick guides’ go live. Woohoo!
November 21, 2018 admin
6 thumbnails of quick guides: appliance height, fresh lick of paint, are you sitting comfortably, shower power, sprucing up your home , and love your bathroom


New ‘quick guides’ to inclusive design in your own home launched for your reading pleasure (actually they are mostly pictures…). You’ve seen guides to help you make your home more eco-friendly, well now you have some to help you make your home a little more people friendly.

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Things have been super busy this month with lots of new projects on the radar. All very exciting things for you, but I am feeling a bit guilty that my blogging has taken a hit over the last couple of weeks, sorry guys.

Totally worth it though.

What I am most excited about, and has been taking up most of my time, is developing a whole bunch of sexy new resources for you all. So this month I am very pleased to announce that I have launched a brand new section of the website called ‘quick guides’. Take a look if you haven’t already I hope you like them!

They are to help you put all your new-found inspiration about inclusive design into practice in your own home – chock-full with ideas, things to consider and questions to ask. It is my deepest hope that people will be inspired to make their own homes more inclusive throughout their lifetimes so that they can grow and change along with us. Each time you come to making your routine home improvements – whether a new kettle, carpet, shower or whole kitchen – I hope these guides will help you to look at things a little differently and help you to make choices that embrace all our different and changing bodies as well as reflect our personalities.

Lots of you were asking me about what inclusive design meant in practice and so I have tried to distil down what I have learned through the testing cafes and talking to real people, mixed it with some very helpful insight from the experts, and then made them look pretty. Pretty Good I hope.

There are guides to making your home eco-friendly, well now you have some guides to help you make your home a little more people friendly.

More are on the way too. I would love to hear your thoughts on these ones so far, plus any topics you would like to see covered in future guides. I am excited to get them out on the road to my lovely testers again for their thoughts too to see if we can make them better in terms of content, style and delivery. For example, I am really aware realise these guides are not particularly accessible at the moment, and I would love to see what can be done to change that. I am hoping to get them audio-described soon, but if anyone has the know-how about other ways to make them more accessible, please do get in touch. And in the meantime, if you need these guides in another format for any reason, please do let me know.

But it will be back to blogging with a vengeance next month for me though – especially as I get back into the swing of telling you all about what I have been up to in my own home with my experiment into how I can make it more inclusive within the constraints of being a renter and not much having much cash. I have so much to tell you all!

Let me know what you think of the new guides by dropping me an email, writing in the comments below or on social media. And have a great rest of the week. Til next time my intrepid inclusive design pals 😊

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