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Group of 8 older women around a table in a cafe listening to Laura, project founder, demonstrating products

Become a Pretty, Good Product Tester

Why not become a Pretty, Good Product Tester and join the good folk that help give us feedback on products and ideas?

Come along to one of our product testing cafes and try out some hidden gems on the market and some new ones in development.

They’re a fun way to spend a couple of hours and you’ll come away with lots of ideas. Importantly you’ll also be helping designers to create products that look great and which really work for people.

What people say about our tester cafes

  • "It was a really interesting way to spend a morning - finding out about new products, chatting about design, and having a laugh. And a really nice almond croissant! Thanks!"
    A, Kent
  • “Like a Tupperware party, but more wine and less Tupperware!”
    H, London
  • "Some great ideas. Fun morning and will definitely be checking back when I need anything to help around my home. Would recommend to others looking for things to make life easier too."
    H, Kent

How it works

We bring a bunch of products along to play with (some existing and some speculative), do a bit of a show and tell, and get your thoughts on whether they are useful and pleasing. We also bring coffee, wine or nibbles to oil the occasion.

We also get chatting about product and space design that drives us up the wall, from toilet cubicles that are too small, to scissor packets that you need a pair of scissors to get into. This is your moment to unburden in a supportive environment!

We pop-up at different times and venues. Sometimes we put on our own events and host you (these sometimes have a small cost attached to them). Other times we might come to you and are hosted by existing groups. So far we have done these with supper clubs, book club groups, coffee mornings, community centres and work team building days.

At the moment we are based in London and the South East, but we hope this will extend in the future.

To find out about upcoming events in your neck of the woods, sign up for our newsletter below. To tell us about a group that might like us to come and visit, get in touch. You can also follow us on Twitter @PrettyGoodProj

Close up of a woman's hands opening a container at a testing cafe
Two women laughing while testing products at a tester cafe

Who can take part?

Anyone! Whether you want to help students develop new products, contribute to making everyday things more useable, or are just looking to meet new people or for something a bit different to do, we want to hear from you. Anyone 18-118 welcome.

Inclusive design is aimed at everyone, and so everyone who may come in contact with a product has something important to add to the process. Our testers come from all walks of life with their own unique experiences, however as our focus is on making life easier as we age in particular we have a fair few testers who are older themselves or have older family and friends (which when you think about it is pretty much everyone).

There are occasions when designers want to focus in on a specific problem (e.g. reduced dexterity caused by arthritis) and so in those instances we can help by providing more focused groups who can give them a window into the world they are trying to understand.

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