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  • Jul272019
    Priority seat label with older person, pregnant woman and parent and child images

    Pregnancy is like rapid onset ageing

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    Calling bullshit on ‘the pregnancy glow’ and suddenly being able to see basic design flaws everywhere. 
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  • May282019
    Old photograph of nan in her NAAFI uniform

    Happy 100th birthday nan. And thank you

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    A eulogy to my wonderful nan, a big inspiration behind The Pretty, Good Project.
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  • May212018
    A young and old woman embrace wearing comedy Christmas hats

    Part 4: Could my gran use it? (A renter’s adventure into making a house a lifetime home)

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    A handy guide to help me (and you!) navigate the confusing world of inclusive design in practice, courtesy of my nan.

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  • Mar272018
    woman in front of a front door pointing at house number

    Part 1: Remind me never to move again (A renter’s adventure into making a house a lifetime home)

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    The first blog in my new series on making my new place a lifetime home. Hope you enjoy the ride!

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  • Dec022016
    The Pretty Good Project founder Laura Wigzell

    A Pretty, Good backstory

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    How the The Pretty, Good Project came to be and why we do what we do.

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