Pondering inclusive design and what we’ve been up to lately.

  • Jul112017
    Two older ladies testing the ergonomics of saucepans

    July testing cafe #1

    Testing products with the good people of Kilburn, London

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  • Jul052017
    two plates of stir fry ready to eat

    Wok’s for dinner tonight? A one-handed stir-fry

    The trials of cooking while looking after triplets(!), a delicious one-handed stir fry, and how the way we interact with our homes throughout our lives changes as we do.

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  • Jun222017
    A bright yellow chair in the corner of a black and white monochrome tiled wetroom

    A love affair with a yellow chair

    Falling in love with a yellow chair and asking why we don’t put chairs in our bathrooms more often?

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  • Jun182017
    Greetings card with jungle leaf design and Happy Birthday message in words and braille

    Introducing Inclusive Greetings Cards. Where all cards are created equal!

    A chinwag with Karen, Founder of Inclusive Greetings, and a look at some of their beautiful, unique greetings cards.

    Read time: 4 minutes

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  • Apr272017
    A tradtional kettle atop an electric hob with patterned kitchen tiles behind

    Anyone for a brew?

    Why it is always time for tea, a look at alternatives to traditional kettles currently on the market, and a peek into the future of tea-making.

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  • Mar292017
    Black kitchen worktop and sink

    The Kitchen: the heart of the home

    Walking longingly around kitchen displays at Naidex, the UK’s largest independent living fair.

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