Pondering inclusive design and what we’ve been up to lately.

  • Sep012018
    Selfie of Laura wearing new glasses

    My new glasses

    A (clearer) look at my brand new glasses and pondering if once derided specs can become mainstream objects of desire, is there hope for the lowly toilet raiser??

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  • Aug252018
    LEMO high chair showing configurations from birth to adulthood

    Amazing products that grow with you

    Save a bunch of cash, effort and the planet with products that can adapt over time.
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  • Aug182018
    road with arrows pointing to free comedy painted on it

    Dementia in the spotlight at the Edinburgh Festival

    My emotional rollercoaster of a week at the Edinburgh Festival, dementia in the spotlight and good news for accessibility and inclusive design?
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  • Aug072018

    Review – Age-friendly housing: Future design for older people

    The challenge for designers is to show that the most sensible housing for older people can also be the most desirable. This new book is full of inspiration.

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  • Jul282018
    man waving plaster cast and eating toast in a hospital gown

    Little finger, big problem

    Even the smallest injuries can have a big impact on how we interact with our surroundings

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  • Jul202018
    view of bathroom before

    Part 6: Me vs. The Bathroom (Round 3)

    The finishing touches: Disguise and distract but beware the clutter

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