Pondering inclusive design and what we’ve been up to lately.

  • Nov212018
    6 thumbnails of quick guides: appliance height, fresh lick of paint, are you sitting comfortably, shower power, sprucing up your home , and love your bathroom

    New ‘quick guides’ go live. Woohoo!

    You’ve seen guides to help you make your home more eco-friendly, well now you have some to help you make your home a little more people friendly.
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  • Oct192018
    A group of smiling older women

    Hot off the press: our latest testing cafe

    All the hot gossip from our latest testing cafe in North London, chatting about all things bathrooms, and me learning about what the hell a scullery is!
    Read time: 6 minutes

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  • Oct082018
    graphic saying buy inaccessible, buy twice

    Stating the obvious

    Are we setting ourselves up to fail with the way we are designing our bathrooms at the moment?
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  • Sep242018
    Nan traps bingo card

    Nan Trap Bingo!

    See how friendly your house is to grow old in and your guests to visit – or are you setting nan traps!
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  • Sep202018
    dribbles of brigt multi-coloured paint

    Trade secrets of paint!

    Demystifying weird paint names, unlocking the secret language of decorators, and unlocking power of great visual contrast in your home colour schemes.

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  • Sep162018
    yellow front door with zero entry threshold

    Part 7: Getting in and out – zero thresholds

    Part 7 of my adventure into making my home a lifetime home. Zero thresholds mean zero hassle, but what the hell are they??
    Read time: 9 minutes

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