Pondering inclusive design and what we’ve been up to lately.

  • Apr192019
    Turquoise background with pink spots

    Famous Last Words

    Tempting fate, seismic changes and hello again.
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  • Jan172019
    A living room scene

    Part 9: The living room Part #2

    Squeezing my sofa through the door, hacking foot stools and coffee tables and wheels on everything! Read time: 7 minutes

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  • Jan162019
    a view of a living room

    Part 8: The adventure continues…. The living room Part #1

    Our lives perpetually evolve and so do our homes. At least that the excuse I have been making for not finishing the living room and this blog sooner…Read time: 4 minutes

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  • Jan042019
    A living room setting with lots of plants with a man relaxing in a chair and a christmas tree in the background

    Love. Purpose. Whimsy.

    What makes a good life, the importance of whimsy in design and the role of our homes in helping us to do the things we want to do.
    Read time: 4 minutes

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  • Nov292018
    A cosy fireplace with stocking hung all around

    Could my nan use it? A Christmas challenge

    Making your home a friendlier place for guests this Christmas is about more than a scented candle and a full fridge. Watch and learn this Christmas.
    Read time: 5 minutes

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  • Nov272018
    coffee mug with caption keep calm and drink coffee

    The bigger picture

    The power of nudging things along little by little and talking our brains out of sabotaging our efforts.
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