Pondering inclusive design and what we’ve been up to lately.

  • May292019
    Cartoon of a house with a smoking chimney and the story title written inside it

    A Marvellous Home for Mum, Mimi, Mo and me.

    A little children’s story about inclusive design for you all to enjoy…suitable for all 🙂
    Read time: 5 minutes

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  • May282019
    Old photograph of nan in her NAAFI uniform

    Happy 100th birthday nan. And thank you

    A eulogy to my wonderful nan, a big inspiration behind The Pretty, Good Project.
    Read time: 5.5 minutes

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  • May062019
    Kitchen pots and pans in disarray

    Part 10: The kitchen comes into view

    Look out kitchen here I come. My adventure as a renter making a lifetime home continues…
    Read time: 2.5 minutes

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  • Apr192019
    Turquoise background with pink spots

    Famous Last Words

    Tempting fate, seismic changes and hello again.
    Read time: 2.5 minutes

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  • Jan172019
    A living room scene

    Part 9: The living room Part #2

    Squeezing my sofa through the door, hacking foot stools and coffee tables and wheels on everything! Read time: 7 minutes

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  • Jan162019
    a view of a living room

    Part 8: The adventure continues…. The living room Part #1

    Our lives perpetually evolve and so do our homes. At least that the excuse I have been making for not finishing the living room and this blog sooner…Read time: 4 minutes

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