Pondering inclusive design and what we’ve been up to lately.

  • Mar292020
    Close up of person washing hands in a sink

    Things got a bit weird, right?

    Kitchen tables to offices, living rooms to schools, gardens to gyms. More than ever we’re asking our homes to flex with changes in our lives and circumstances.
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  • Jul282019
    retro print Orla Kiely bin with yellow lid

    Ode to the humble kitchen bin

    If we can make bins design features, then why not anything?
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  • Jul272019
    Priority seat label with older person, pregnant woman and parent and child images

    Pregnancy is like rapid onset ageing

    Calling bullshit on ‘the pregnancy glow’ and suddenly being able to see basic design flaws everywhere. 
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  • May292019
    Cartoon of a house with a smoking chimney and the story title written inside it

    A Marvellous Home for Mum, Mimi, Mo and me.

    A little children’s story about inclusive design for you all to enjoy…suitable for all 🙂
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  • May282019
    Old photograph of nan in her NAAFI uniform

    Happy 100th birthday nan. And thank you

    A eulogy to my wonderful nan, a big inspiration behind The Pretty, Good Project.
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  • May062019
    Kitchen pots and pans in disarray

    Part 10: The kitchen comes into view

    Look out kitchen here I come. My adventure as a renter making a lifetime home continues…
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