About us

Hello, we are The Pretty, Good Project

We champion design that looks great (pretty) and helps make life easier as we get older (good). We do this because it makes living spaces that are a little bit nicer for us all.

We scour the high street, the internet, design studios and universities to find hidden gems and talent. We bring them all together in one place for you to buy, or just to inspire.

We also take them on the road and put them through their paces over a cup of tea (sometimes wine!) at our product testing cafes.

Our aim is to get people talking about how our everyday surroundings help or hinder us and show how inclusive design can help everybody at every stage of life.

We are a social enterprise and were established in 2016 by Laura.

Group of 8 older women around a table in a cafe listening to Laura, project founder, demonstrating products

What we're about

Thoughtful, inclusive design

We all have different and changing abilities. We champion those who are designing creatively to embrace this and who involve users in the design process from start to finish (otherwise known as inclusive design). We think this makes life a little bit friendlier for us all.

Playful and useful

We bust the myth that practical can’t also be beautiful. We think that products that look great and make us smile when we use them are more likely to find a place in our lives. Some products come and go with fashion, but we promote design that sticks around – that has timeless appeal and functionality.

Inspiring people

We love everything we showcase. We hope that by sharing the benefits and possibilities of inclusive design throughout our lives, more people will consider incorporating it too – whether buying a present, upgrading their kitchen, or designing a public space.

Getting together

We get people talking about the products and spaces we use every day and how they can help or hinder us, particularly as we age. We think the best way to get people to get engaged with design is to touch it, have a go themselves and ask questions. We also love any excuse for cake.

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“We’re all going to be older one day – all being well – and there are so many really beautiful, interesting things we can do to our homes now to make life a little bit easier. The really cool thing is that if you make somewhere or something work for older people, you also make it work for lots of other people too – think parents, buggies, injuries, illnesses, disabled people, left-handed people, tall people. We can all benefit from more inclusive design.”

Laura Wigzell, Founder

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Part 1: Remind me never to move again (A renter’s adventure into making a house a lifetime home)
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A Pretty, Good backstory
A Pretty, Good backstory
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How the The Pretty, Good Project came to be and why we do what we do.

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We are a social enterprise

A social enterprise is a business that has a social purpose and re-invests profit back into achieving that social purpose.

We do what we do because we sincerely believe it is an important part of improving our experience of ageing and will change our society for the better, but doing this costs money and we all need to make a living. With an ever increasing ageing population, this conversation will only become more important as time goes by, so we need to be able to sustain ourselves long term. So rather than a charity that requires constant grants and fundraising to keep afloat, we strive to be self-funding.

The Pretty Good Project founder Laura Wigzell

How we make money

We operate a shop on our website of products we think are Pretty, Good, but we do not sell these products directly. Rather we use affiliate links and receive commission (usually between 1-10% depending on the product) from the supplier should you go on to make a purchase with them via our site. Any money we make through this goes directly back into our social enterprise to champion benefits and possibilities of inclusive design to make life easier as we age and nicer for us all (however, at the moment it barely covers the cost of hosting of our website!). We hope one day it will allow us to run more testing cafes to spread word further and provide invaluable feedback for designers.

Of course, you can also donate if you appreciate our work and want to help us along our way (and help us buy higher quality biscuits for our testers), but we do this for the love, not the money, so we’d really love you just to tell people about us.

The small print

We are not impartial; we openly favour what we, and our testers, think is beautiful, thoughtful design and only the things that score consistently highly with our testers make it to our shop. But we are also honest; if a product had flaws we say so no matter what (even if they ask us really nicely, with chocolates, or wine, or gold bullion).

We are not designers and we are not medical professionals and we don’t pretend to know you or your situation. We do not make recommendations because that would be impossible – no two people’s lives are the same and your life choices are up to you, not us.

The Pretty, Good, Project simply raises awareness of existing products already on the market and openly available for anyone to buy for themselves. We help give people more information and choice about their surroundings. We highlight product features and how they might be useful in different scenarios but then leave the next step entirely up to you

To discuss more specialist adaptations and needs, we always recommend getting advice from your GP, local community equipment supplier, Daily Living Centre or Occupational Therapist, who do amazing work every day.

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