The Christmas Hot List (AKA warming gift ideas for the perennially cold)

The Christmas Hot List (AKA warming gift ideas for the perennially cold)
November 28, 2017 admin
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Great gift ideas for the perpetually cold people in your life. Tis the season to be cosy after all.

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It’s that time of year when the nights are drawing in and the weather is getting colder. If like me, you are a perpetually chilly person even in the height of summer, then this time of year can really get you down. Even more so for long-suffering friends and family who have to listen to us complaining! So if you know someone who is never happier than when they are wrapped in woolens in front of a fire, here are a few ideas that will make great Christmas presents for the real life snow people in your lives!


A plush heated cushion

We’ve all heard of electric blankets but how about an electric heated cushion? This gorgeous one by John Lewis in plush faux fur would look great amongst a big pile of other cushions and will have you snuggling up in the sofa even more than usual. What’s more it is very discreet as the controls tuck away neatly in a little pocket.A faux furn cushion on an armchair with heating controls on view

Or if you really want to transform yourself into a giant toastie, but without leaving crumbs in the bed, this is just the thing from Firebox

person hugging a large toast shaped cushion with cute smiling face on it

Battery powered socks!

As a cyclist these rechargeable heated socks have literally changed my life, but they are perfect for any time, any activity, any day in my book. Rechargeable batteries power a small heat pad just above the toes. You can choose from three heat settings – high, medium and low – to suit and they are hand-washable (if you wear with other socks I can attest you can extend their life between washes substantially!). Great for wearing around the house, skiing, cold days out and about, whatever really. You can get battery powered gloves like this too so your fingers can get a piece of the warming action too.

Pair of grey socks showing where heat pad is located above toes

A pretty wheat warmer

Ellen and the folks at Blue Badge Co. have designed a gorgeous new golden stag pattern for their brilliant wheat warmers for Christmas. Whack it in the microwave for two minutes seconds and bingo! you have hours of heat to take anywhere. Great for targeting aches and pains too.

wheat warmer surrounded by christmassy things

A hot water bottle that hugs you

There are a million and one different designs of hot water bottle covers these days but YuYu have taken the lowly hot water bottle to new heights (or should I say lengths…?). They have invented the world’s’ longest hot water bottle and added a touch of glamour too. Such a simple idea but you wonder why it hasn’t been done before. A hot water bottle in this shape allows you to wrap it around you – and with the clever ties on each end, you can keep it where you need it to deal with pesky aches and pains hands-free. In fact, it is so good for this it has been medically recommended. But if you think this is a medical aid, think again. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from – including beautiful Liberty fabrics, these hot water bottles are seriously high quality and can be found in plenty of 5 star hotels. They also come in fab presentation boxes for a touch of class and make them great for gifting. And if you can’t find the style you want, you can design your own bespoke cover.

A woman in bed hugging a yuyu hot water bottle

A toasty hand warmer mug

Italian designer, Sabrina Fossi, has come up with a great piece of kit for those with perpetually cold hands. For those of us who cling to mugs of tea for warmth, this goes a little further and makes a toasty ceramic pocket, a bit like a little sauna for your hands, so that none of that delicious heat is wasted. It comes in several colours but this special wintery design is great for Christmas.

a mug with enclosed space for hands
A gorgeous thick blanket or throw

It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but there is still nothing like a toasty blanket to curl up under. As well as warmth, it also offers a quick and easy way to update your home with a new look for your sofa or your bed (or both in my case). With such an abundance of designs in every size, colour, pattern and material to suit every space, taste and budget it’s an oldie but a goodie. Anthropologie always have a lovely selection in the newest fashions (and I love how they use use people to model them – I think I could have a career in blanket modelling). But Zara Home, H&M and West Elm have some lovely ones at a snip of the price.

Or how about a kit to make your own giant knit one (you can buy ready-made ones too for the less creative amongst us) from Lauren Aston.

woman knitting super chuncky knit blanket using giant needles

A cute draught excluder

Draughts are the bane of my life; I sense them everywhere I go. My friends know I cannot be positioned near a door or else I start emitting a high pitched whine. Draught excluders on everything please! Letterboxes, windows, doors. There are so many options – from minimalist to the quirky – and you can even make them yourself. I like this snoozing fox one from Etsy because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy just looking at it. It can also be be curled up and kept out of the way or double up as a doorstop and still look good.

draught excluder in shape of sleeping fox

A retro electric heater

A bit on the pricey side but this electric fan heater by Cova Living is a beaut compared to your average white plastic versions. It comes in charcoal, mink, orange and red to suit you. If you have a small place without a fireplace you could even make it a centrepiece as it creates a real sense of homeliness, as well as a touch of the retro. You won’t be rushing to put it away after the winter for sure.

a red square electric heater atop a side table with fake glowing embers

Magic bath warming stones

And finally… these aren’t available to buy sadly, but yes please to these bath warming stones by designers Sunmi Hwang, Hyunjoo-Lee & Jiwon-Seok, that maintain the heat of your bath water without having to constantly top up or having cold patches. We can dream…

pebble shaped warming stones sitting at bottom of a filled bath

If you have any other hints and tips about ways to keep warm, or things you have seen that you think everyone should know about, please leave a comment below or share. I, for one would love to hear about more ways to keep warm!  

And on behalf of all the cold people out there, I can promise you any of these gifts would be gratefully received. Merry Christmas!


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