The results are in! The best cutlery for many hands.

The results are in! The best cutlery for many hands.
December 4, 2017 admin
silver knork flatware on turquoise napkin next to vase of flowers


Our testing cafe today helped us identify cutlery which looks good and feels good.

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A big thank you to Stockwell Good Neighbours at The Oval House Theatre in London today for helping to find out which cutlery is just the right mix of form and function. Today we looked at a whole range including Amefa, Knorks, Tuva, Oxo Good Grips as well as a range of non-specialist cutlery from across the high street to compare and contrast.

Without a shadow of a doubt Tuva Cutlery was the winner in both looks and functionality. Of Tuva, people said it was high quality, well weighted and easy to pick up and grip.

Close up of cutlery

This was very interesting to hear as Tuva claims to have been designed by Per Finne and Hardanger Bestikk to be as inclusive of as many hands of possible from children to those suffering arthritis and today’s test proved this in real life. They have won a number of awards for the design, which subtly incorporates light weight, chunkier than average handles and curvature that makes it easy to lift from the table, all while looking super sophisticated.

A grid of 42 photos showing many different ways people grip Tuva cutlery

Of course there was a spread of opinion – there is no one size fits all – with some people preferring a heavier option (Knork or Amefa – both were quite popular).

Knorks (even though I cannot say their name without giggling like a school kid) are impressive bits of kit. They are designed with wider than usual necks which act as a finger platform to enable easier application of pressure. Curved fork heads also mean they can be used with one hand as a rocker knife if turned onto the side. They are beautifully weighted and they look pretty damn good too – not out of place on any table. In fact they have recently started producing them in other colours – including matt black and bronze as well as the more traditional stainless steel – making them a popular choice for a more modern table settings.

Amefa have gone one step further and come up with cutlery with a ball-shaped handle designed to fit in the palm of the hand and allow you to eat comfortably from many angles. While this flatware (if you can call it that…this is definitely more 3D) is quite heavy – so not suitable for everyone – lots of people really enjoy the feeling of its weightiness. It also makes them stable and easy to locate on the table. Moreover, many people think they look like gorgeous pieces of sculpture – table art even – to be admired. Certainly something to get people talking over the dinner table anyway.

table setting using amefa cutlery and green napkin

Lots of people liked the bronze style from Zara Home I brought along today and thought it would add a touch of class to the table, especially on a special occasion like Christmas, but universally agreed it wasn’t that comfortable, and was pretty hard to pick up and use. People also thought Oxo Good Grips was a good option for people who needed really chunky handles, but they didn’t really love the look.  

So if you are thinking about getting that table setting ready for Christmas and want to upgrade your flatware, perhaps consider Tuva. It’s not cheap, but it could be an investment. You can read more about Tuva cutlery and where to find it in our shop here. 

If you know anyone who would find this blog useful, please share it with them. Or if you have your own thoughts on which cutlery you find comfy and good-looking, drop me a line or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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